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AI / Machine Learning

The Internet industry was the early adopter of AI. Looking at the success, AI has found increased usage across a spectrum of industries. 

Manufacturing companies are using AI for design, preventive maintenance, customer recommendation, Optimization and automation. The use of AI in the pharma and biotech industry has redefined how scientists look at developing new drugs, diagnosing, treatment, and more. AI’s use in retail has helped them to personalize and recommend according to customer’s behaviour. Financial services have adopted AI in the areas of customer care, credit risk evaluation, underwriting, fraud detection and claims processing. Investment Advisory firms have built a platform for the investment recommendation engine. Usage of AI in Oil and Industry is across areas like identifying new energy sources, streamlined distribution and preventive maintenance.

In early days, the senior talent specialising in scientific machine learning from research labs or academics has moved to applied machine learning in organisations. Looking at the fungibility of the talent pool, we see movement across multi industries.

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