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Embracing technology in education
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With increase in internet penetration and smartphone penetration the whole learning and education landscape has changed like never before in the last few years. Real-time book updates, online tutoring, edutainment, online test preparation, web-based research, and gamification – technology has changed our traditional education system in more ways than one.

Ed Tech companies have flourished as they offer easy accessibility , personalized experience and a plethora of choices to their users. Ed Tech companies are present across spectrum including test preparation, after school learning in K-12 segment, assessment, professional reskilling, online certification amongst others.

Online education platforms use technologies like artificial intelligence, big data, and machine learning to give their users valuable information about customized course suggestions, digital footprints of a student’s activity on the platform, mapping time spent, topic interests, etc.

With our finger on the pulse of the swiftly evolving talent landscape, we work with organisations to help them select and hire the talent they need in this transformation journey.