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Emerging technologies shaping the future of logistics
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The highly fragmented logistics sector faces a lot of challenges – high cost of logistics, poor material handling infrastructure, lack of seamless movement of goods and fragmented warehousing. To address these challenges, a huge number of tech enabled companies have emerged. These companies are spread across inter city logistics, intra city logistics, supply chain optimization, and warehousing. 

The emergence of technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, automation, IoT and blockchain has transformed the chaotic and fragmented logistics market. The impact of Big Data is allowing logistics companies to forecast highly accurate outlooks and optimise future performance better than ever before. 

The complexity in the Logistics sector calls for a shift in the kind of talent needed by the companies. We have the experience of partnering with companies in the logistics space to build out the teams. We help in attracting the right talent in inline with the business context for organizations.